Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS) Is a technology solutions provider specializing in software application development services in any level of business, in addition to Business process software development we provide Full development Skill Set from Web Site development To All Mobile Platforms (SDK’s) and All Database development, ESS is a global professional services firm with Capabilities to provide solutions that cater to individual business needs.
(ESS) signature Software Packages Entering in to market Share in 2005 – 2020 Velociti Innovations Software suites, Custom Data mining Solutions , custom business process Application Solutions, and GEO Fleet Tracking software – Hardware.

Sales Force Automation
At Your Fingertips

Enjoy complete transparency and control over your purchasing, inventory, distribution, sales, and financial activities with Velociti Sales Force Automation solution.
Streamline your processes with a customized solution that matches your exact needs to increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and trust.
however, the ability to overview, analyze & control your day-to-day sales will grant you that Enjoy access to insightful analytics to run your operations based on real-time data. Always be a step ahead of your competitors with a bird’s eye view of your operations.
Custom Business software By ESS
Custom Business software By ESS

Velociti Key Features

Supply Chain

Velociti Sales Force Automation solution increases the transparency and efficiency of your supply chain operations with added clarity, accuracy and unobstructed visibility to purchasing, warehouse, and inventory transactions.

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

Enjoy an insightful overview of user-specific activities and information through VelocitiSFA’s interactive dashboard that relies on real-time data.


Manage and monitor operational workflows while always striving for perfection with the increased visibility, flexibility, and control that our solution offers.

Master Data Management & Control

Efficiently and accurately manage your business’s master data without the hassle of multiple entries and changes to save valuable time and effort.

Distributor Finance Management

Velociti Sales Force Automation (VelocitiSFA) has a built-in Finance Module to provide clarity and transparency to distributor finances promoting quick and effortless management of all distributor transactions.

Sales and Distribution Automation

Seamlessly connect your headquarters to distributors and on-field sales force to enjoy real-time visibility of product movement and sales along with insightful analytics.

Online & Offline Mobile Application

Our user-friendly mobile application enables you to manage operations on the go. The free-flowing mobile app has the ability to operate offline which ensures that your sales force doesn’t face any disruptions to their on-field operations due to loss of internet.

Fully Customizable Solution

Only buy what you need for your business with Velocity Sales Force Automation Solution! Our software is fully customizable enabling you to purchase a solution to perfect match the needs of your business processes, while making sure that you stay within your budget.

Inventory and Warehousing Automation

Enjoy accurate, real-time visibility of your inventory and warehouse stock levels to ensure an uninterrupted supply of goods while avoiding wastage and discrepancies.

Target Business


The highly-demanding and competitive FMCG sector requires an efficient distribution model and a productive sales force. Connect all the key processes of your business with VelocitiSFA to benefit from complete visibility of your operations with real-time analytics. Achieve optimum market penetration and always stay ahead of your competitors with VelocitiSFA!
Custom Business software By ESS
Custom Business software By ESS


Clear, real-time visibility of inventory and market stock levels is crucial in the sophisticated pharmaceutical industry. VelocitiSFA enables you to efficiently distribute your pharmaceutical products while ensuring exceptional levels of trust and reliability.

Chemical & Fertilizer

Benefit from accurate and real-time inventory data ensuring an uninterrupted supply of your products. Strategize your operations to perfection with VelocitiSFA’s insightful analytics that clear provides visibility of consumer trends, competitor coverage and other vital factors that affect your business.
Custom Business software By ESS
Custom Business software By ESS

Business Network with the Distribution , Dealer or Sales team

The versatile nature of VelocitiSFA enables any business operating with a distribution or dealer network to put its fantastic features and insightful reporting to optimal use. Benefit from connecting key processes of your business such as procurement, warehousing, inventory management, distribution, on-field sales activities, and finances with the comfort of a single software.

Business Benefits

VelocitiSFA – Enterprise Solution

The cloud-based Enterprise Solution enables businesses to enjoy the true advantages of a Sales Force Automation software while saving the investment on in-house servers and maintenance. The Enterprise Package of VelocitiSFA includes…
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VelocitiSFA – Capital Solution

The Capital Solution allows you to enjoy all the fantastic features of the Enterprise Edition with the comfort of using your own in-house servers. The On-Premises setup offers great flexibility to businesses that have already invested in servers…
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VelocitiSFA – Standard Solution

The Standard Package offers a cloud-based SFA featuring the ability to better manage multiple distribution networks, tracking on-field activity using our smooth-running mobile application as well as analytics of your sales and…
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VelocitiSFA – Dealer Solution

The cloud-based VelocitiSFA Dealer Solution has been designed with the aim of offering a Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution software that suits small-scale operations for businesses that are focusing on market stabilization and expansion.
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Custom Business software By ESS

SFA Solution Feature Comparison

Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Retail Execution solutions in the market usually come with basic modules such as Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales and Distribution, and Collections.
In comparison, Velociti Sales Force Automation solution not only includes all of the above-mentioned modules but also provides you with a wider and more versatile scope covering all key processes of your business.
VelocitiSFA includes a Finance Module, Inventory Management abilities to manage multiple warehouses, Transaction Uploading, Flexible Pricing & Promotional Scheme Management, and Insightful Analytics as a complete, customizable product which eliminates the need for separate software.
Custom Business software By ESS

Cloud Hosting & Product Security

Flexibility & Recovery
The Velociti Sales Force Automation solution has been designed to operate either from your premises or the cloud with the flexibility to maintain a separate disaster recovery site.
The tiered approach not only ensures recovery of data under unexpected circumstances but also offer horizontal scaling of tiers in the event of an increase of the data load.
Multiple Servers Providing Better Load Distribution & Availability
Velociti Sales Force Automation (SFA) operates on web servers running multiple instances which promotes better distribution of the load and optimal utilization of available resources with high availability.

Client Testimonials & Case Study

The Velociti Sales Force Automation software recently went live for the island-wide operations of Akzo Nobel Paints Pvt. Ltd. in Sri Lanka.
Our case study identified some much-enjoyed capabilities of our solution such as distributor specific price revisions, handling complex customer credit terms, the manual splitting of customer invoices, complex multi-tiered discount schemes with the ability for manual intervention under predefined scenarios, and hassle-free debt collections.
Akzo Nobel also highlighted the importance of added efficiency the solution offered thanks to its features such as automatic price updates of stocks at the time of arrival at distributor points, the ability to process multiple invoices for single orders under predefined credit terms, and configurable discount schemes that catered to all kinds of scenarios.
The case study also found that there was 100% accuracy without requiring any manual human intervention for invoicing, credit terms, debt handling, controlling credit, and sophisticated discount schemes making the project a great success.
Custom Business software By ESS

Who Are We?

Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS) is a technology solutions provider specializing in application development services any level of business. We deliver reliable and high-quality end-to-end solutions that significantly enhance our client’s competitiveness by increasing mobility and data accessibility within their current business structure
Our talented team has proven experience catering to a broad spectrum of businesses with the development of highly sophisticated and effective Sales Force Automation & Retail Execution (SFA),
Trade Incentive Automation, Geo Tracking, and Loyalty Software. along with ERP, CRM, BI Tools Fully customizable to Business Process.
The passion for solving various problems and challenges businesses face has also earned us a fantastic reputation for Tailor-Made Software Solutions.
Our client commitment is reflected in :
Wide variety of solutions, development, and sustenance engineering services.
Utilization of our overseas Development Centers (ODC’s)
Adherence to quality standards supported by robust business processes tailored to each development model we have
Adoption of flexible execution methodologies aimed at rapid delivery and cost effectiveness
Relentless client focus and compelling value propositions have resulted in ensuring our customers loyalty and client referrals. ESS, headquartered in Kansas for since 2003 and in Florid since 2019, for the past 16+ yeas ESS has built support systems and infrastructure that deliver 24×7 services through its “One World” delivery model. The ESS group employs over 100 IT and development professionals in our ODC’s. ESS provides services across all stages of development for our customers through its successful strategy of delegating our business units between independent subsidiaries.
  • IT Infrastructure Management Services division of ESS
  • QA & Testing services in North America
  • Dedicated R&D for SaaS products through its life Cycle
  • Virtual 24×7 Technical Support &  Dedicated Helpdesk services (for our product line and for our customers throughout the software life cycle)
At ESS we believes in delivering tangible benefits to its customers through business process customization to its need with 100% ROI, delivering with predictable effort in rapid development, quality and cost. In short, we deliver your customized development solutions right, and support it through its life Cycle.

There are various development platforms available for an array of solutions out there, and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. The technologies we use have been chosen based on what we have recognized as more powerful in terms of compatibility, scalability, performance, ease of use, and most importantly, cost effectiveness.

Community Outreach Programs

Custom Business software By ESS CSR
Velociti Ranger Corp is one of Veliciti’s outreach programs aimed at providing support for bright and underprivileged children with their educational needs paving way for a brighter future.
Custom Business software By ESS programs for kids
Velociti shares a percentage of the company’s revenue to support a children’s orphanage that provides protection, guardianship, and direction to orphaned children which is in dire need of financial and material aid.
community development by Enterprise software Solutions
Velociti Act of Kindness program focuses on providing underprivileged, self-employed individuals with the required equipment, empowering them to take their skills and quality of life to the next level.

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